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Interview Transcription Services

Interviews and discussions are an integral part of any office environment, and very often transcripts of these interviews are required for later use and review. However, burdening your in-house staff to work on such transcripts is both time consuming and costly. A better alternative is outsourcing your Interview Transcription Services to a reputed company who can provide quick, efficient and cost-effective services.
SSG InfoService, an established and well-known outsourcing company in Bangalore, India offers accurate and cost-competitive Interview Transcription Services that can be customized to suit your various needs. We have worked with clients from the USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East, providing a range of services that complement their business processes.

Types of Interview Transcription Services from SSG InfoService

At SSG InfoService, we understand the importance of customized services in the effective functioning of your company. We offer two kinds of Interview Transcription Services to suit your specifications, namely verbatim and synopsis.

Verbatim Interview Transcription, where each and every word uttered during the interview is transcribed. These include all words, expressions, pauses and remarks transcribed to an accuracy rate of 99.99%.
Synopsis Interview Transcription, where an expert transcriber transcribes the interview, bringing out only the gist of the interview and leaving out unnecessary portions that have no impact on the final transcript.

Interview Transcription Services provided by SSG InfoService

At SSG InfoService, we take pride in providing a wide variety of interview transcription services. We provide

  • One-to-one interview transcription
  • Round table interview transcription
  • Group discussion transcription
  • Teleconference interview transcription
  • Thesis transcription
  • Research interviews transcription
  • Lectures transcription
  • Psychological transcription
  • Business transcription
  • University transcription
  • Webcast transcription
  • Job interviews transcription
  • Teleconferences transcription
  • Group discussion transcription

Advanced transcription process followed at SSG InfoService

To ensure accuracy and accountability we have perfected an advanced transcription process that meets our high standards of quality. Our five-step process involves:

Step 1: Uploading of the sound file by the client (in preferred format of wav, mp3 or wma) onto our secure FTP Server.
Step 2: Retrieval of file by the Account Manager who assigns it to a trained professional interview transcriptionist.
Step3: Completed transcriptions sent to Quality Control.
Step 4: Quality Control checks for errors by random sampling and sends the completed transcripts to the Account Manager.
Step 5: The Account Manager rechecks transcripts before submitting to the client via uploading onto the secure server or through email.

The SSG Advantage! – Benefits of outsourcing Interview Transcription Services

When you choose SSG InfoService for your various transcription needs, you are choosing a company who prides itself on its accountability, value-for-money and superior customer service. Choosing us also provides the following advantages

  • Trained transcription professionals with special linguistic aptitude
  • Experience of over 10,000 hours of interview transcription with high accuracy rates of over 99%
  • Customized interview transcription packages to suit your organization’s requirements
  • Cost-competitive pricing standards that enable you stay competitive
  • Stringent security measures ensuring complete confidentiality of your interview transcripts
  • Quick turnaround time resulting in zero wastage of the client’s man-hours
  • 24/7 customer service providing online and offline support to the client
  • Latest infrastructure that works in tandem to produce high quality results

Contact us now with your various interview transcription needs.




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